Standard III.C: Technology Resources DRAFT (August 13, 2006)  
Administration Chair: Hanh Tran
Faculty Co-Chair: Michael Climo

List of Participants:
David Jordan
Donna Ayers

Standard III.C: Technology Resources

Technology resources are used to support student learning programs and services and to improve institutional effectiveness. Technology planning is integrated with institutional planning.

III.C.1. The institution assures that any technology support it provides is designed to meet the needs of learning, teaching, college-wide communications, research, and operational systems.

III.C.1.a. Technology services, professional support, facilities, hardware, and software are designed to enhance the operation and effectiveness of the institution. 

Descriptive Summary

A number of campus and district committees have played an integral role in guiding the planning, acquisitions and support of technologies.  At the district level, the District Technology Committee recommends computers and network equipments and also provides network guidelines, district application information and procedures to college technology. The college Technology Committee sets forth the technology plans and goals for the college.  Most of the hardware standardization, network security and network applications have been district driven. The college Technology Committee has been instrumental in recommending new policies and procedures related to technology to the college. These recommendations and procedures are approved by executive staff or Academic Senate.  The integration of technology into the student learning process, administrative services and teaching includes faculty and staff access to technology and student access to technology.