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CMS Task Forcre approved at College Council on 9-17-09

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College Council hereby authorizes and appoints an Ad Hoc Course Management System Review Task (“CMS Task Force”) force with the charge of  reviewing the current status of LAMC course management systems and of making a recommendation to College Council  regarding the number and choice of course management systems to be available at LAMC


The CMS Task Force shall be comprised of the following nine (11) members. Each member shall be a voting member and have one vote:


Chair of Technology Committee

Dean of  Institutional Research

IT Manager

1 representative -  DE Committee

1 representative – EPC

1 representative – Academic Affairs

1 representative – Budget Committee

1 representative – Academic Senate

1 At-Large representative – College Council

1 represenative - Student Services

1 representative - ASO


The College Council appointed Vilma Bernal, Chair of Professional and Staff Development to act as the At-Large Representative from College Council.


The VP of Academic Affairs is charged with contacting each comprising representative group and to request that they appoint a representative to the Course Management Task Force.


Thereafter the Ad Hoc Course Management System shall elect a Chair and Co-Chair, and shall meet regularly to complete its charge and report back to College Council with its recommendation by the end of the Fall Semester.


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