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Goal 5: Use technology to improve educational programs and services  

Objectives with Action Plan

5.1  Update the College Technology Plan to maintain currency 

5.2   Upgrade and maintain technology so faculty and staff have access to state-of-the-art technology to support the learning environment

5.3  Enhance the college professional development program to enhance faculty and staff skill in the effective use of  technology

 Technology influences all aspects of the workplace and many aspects of home and recreational activities.  Technology has changed the way in which our students relate to and learn new concepts and skills.  Research abounds indicating that considerable benefits accrue when technology becomes a vital tool of education.  Increasing the availability of technology in educational programs and support services that students encounter at the college will better prepare them for the challenging and changing work places in which they find employment.  The college will encourage disciplines, offices, committees, and programs to develop new and innovative approaches to technology as an adjunct or alternative methodology for learning and administrative functions.  Workshops and seminars on these topics should be sponsored or attended.  Successful examples will be sought out and publicized to the staff.

Effective use of technology means acquiring and employing appropriate technology to maximize the benefits to students.  It encompasses:

Students who transfer, graduate, or complete a certificate will be comfortable with the use of technology.

The college will maintain and upgrade technology so faculty have access to modern technology, and assistance in the use of it, to develop appropriate course materials.

The college will use current technology more effectively.

 Strategies for effective technology usage

 develop 1 and 5 year technology implementation scenarios examine: instruction, instructional support, student use, infrastructure, hardware, software

 recognize the different technology needs and what the college can support

 integrate technology with the classroom

 … staff awareness of new trends & emerging technologies

 … appraising software applications

 … videotapes

 … overhead projectors

 develop curricula and syllabi for technology in the classroom

 … existing materials from publishing companies and Internet

 … currency:  skill identification by industry for curricular development

 … short term courses modeled on industry

 … certification programs

 integrate technology into the curriculum

 … establish a functioning educational technology development center

 … extend the technology infrastructure in the classrooms

 … purchase essential instructional videos

 … encourage faculty to develop content for web-based supplemental study materials

 … develop Internet courses

develop training programs for improving technology in support areas

… common data base for mailing lists, outside college contacts

… identify training needs

… training for immediate upgrades

… develop associated documentation/videos/procedures for training

… hire qualified and adequate staff to implement and support technology

expand the availability of contemporary technology to existing and new college users

… upgrade/complete technology infrastructure

… pursue major corporate sponsors for donations or discounts of software

 … pursue major corporate sponsors for donations or discounts on equipment

explore the virtual college

 distance learning

… Internet

… use the college website as an information center for forms, processes, procedures, news, reports, activities, etc.


 Student satisfaction

 Faculty/staff satisfaction

 Learning gains

Efficiency gains









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