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Goal #7: Annual developing, reviewing, and revising technology master plan related policies and procedures


To assure goals, objectives are supporting technology vision and college mission and vision, measurements will be developed to access success.  Technology committees together with other share governance committee create measurements of success.  A process must be developed to review the update TMP based on the results of measurements and in response to the changing needs and goals of the college.





7.1 Create a Technology Master Plan Task Force (TMPTF)


    Action items:  The TMPTF is responsible for developing and updating Technology Master Plan based on the primary goals, objectives of Educational Planning Committee.



7.2 Review process


    Action Items: Develop a tool or survey to measure and monitor institutional effectiveness and assist administration and faculty in evaluation programs and processes.


An annual review and assessment of goals and objectives is required, in concert with other planning entities on campus. With input from all areas (Administration, Instruction, Student Services, and the President’s Office) via program review documents, the Technology Master Plan is reviewed and revised. Results of this review are then relayed to appropriate     committees—particularly the Budget and Planning Committee, Facilities Planning Committee and Educational Planning Committee.


    Action Items:  Propose the process and schedule to review the TMP


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