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Technology Committee at Mission - Report to Accreditation Team FrontPage

1. The Technology Committee has existed in different forms over the last 5-7 years.

Originally it was called the TMI Committee - or Technology Mediated Committee. In 1998, the Committee made its first attempt to draft a Technology Master Plan - see http://www.lamission.org/techplan/ - see the 1998 plan at 1998 Tech Plan . The Library, at the same time, developed and worked on its own Technology Master Plan - http://techplan.itgo.com/librarytech.htm - There were many plans formulated in this period - see http://techplan.itgo.com/.


The 1998 Plan read, in part, as follows:


The Council of Instruction has established a Technology Planning Committee that will help develop a campus-wide technology plan. This committee will help serve as the change agent for the campus and provide the college with technology leadership. This committee will:


  • Provide the vision and direction for the college in the area of instructional and administrative technology. This committee will help plan for instructional innovation, emerging trends, implementation, and training in campus technology.
  • Evaluate the success of present instructional technology.
  • Be the leaders in instructional, administrative, and educational changes using technology.
  • Work with different college committees in the integration of technology and automation.
  • Help facilitate the communication of technology innovation, implementation and understanding between faculty, staff, and students.
  • Integrate management tools into the college technology to help foster quality and efficiency.
  • Establish six working committees,

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