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Membership of Mission College Technology Committee



* The Co- Chair of the committee shall be elected by the committee members for a term of two years.


* The Committee shall have two co-chairs. One of the co-chairs shall be appointed by the Administration and be an Administrator, the other co-chair shall be elected from the standing committee.


* The committee membership will have the following members: 4 regular or contract faculty members nominated by the Senate President; 3 faculty members nominated by the AFT Chapter President; 1 administrator nominated by the College President; 1 SFP representative nominated by the College President; 1 classified employee nominated by the AFT Classified Unit Chapter President; 1 supervisory unit representative nominated by the bargaining unit representative; 1 Information Technology Department representative nominated by Dean of Technology; 1 student nominated by the ASO, 1 representative nominated by the Director Weekend College (ITV), 1 representative nominated by the VP of Student Services

 updated list per Shared Governance Task Force and College Council Meeting on 10-18-07


  • David Jordan - Co Chair - Faculty 
  • Maury Pearl - Co-Chair - Administrator appointed  by the College President
  • Faculty - TBA - A/S
  • Hanh Tran - IT Department
  • David Garza - Library - Faculty - AFT
  • Adrian Gonzalez - DSPS - SFP
  • Jesus Ranon - Classified
  • Curtis Stage - Multimedia - Faculty -  non voting member
  • Richard Rains - Physics/Astronomy - Faculty - A/S
  • Robert Payne - English - Adjunct - AFT
  • Kathy Dawson - ITV - Weekend College - Adjunct - AFT
  • Phoebe Rivera - Learning Resource Director - Contract Faculty - A/S
  • Paul McKenna - Weekend College (ITV) representative
  • Zoila Doucette-Rodriguez - Bookstore Director - Supervisory Unit Representative
  • David Green - Student Services


updated: 3-13-08


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