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What parts of the Technology Master Plan have been completed to date


  1. Technology Committee organized and structured- ITAC?
  2. Dean of IT position created
  3. email moved from lotus ccmail over to ms outlook
  4. LRC 234 and 205 computers - Title 5
  5. Computer replacement policy
  6. Computer standards - minimum system
  7. Improvement in Teaching - CET (see http://missioncet.pbwiki.com)
  8. Math Lab - Title V - has 36 high end computers with math software
  9. your classes - IT, IT webpage, IT workshops - Juan (frontpage and FTP) - Library resources databases improved
  10. TAMIS online work requests
  11. Web based enrollment reports
  12. PNCR's online
  13. our website had been outsourced and now it is back on campus - more control, more space, less costs
  14. all faculty computers have been upgraded to Pentium 4, from Pentium 2 or 3
  15. IT provides one-on-one computer and email support to faculty for ten hours each day during first week of the semester
  16. IT workshops now on frontpage and ftp to upload to your faculty webpage
  17. all faculty computers include MS Office 2003, SAP, Symantec Anti Virus, Adobe Reader, File Transfer programs for webpages, and Internet access
  18. Net track is new software in LRC to track student hours in the LRC labs - includes statistics of student activities by discipline or subjects to instructors
  19. Classrooms in new CSB contain LCD and electronic screens - also new LCD in LRC 205 and 234
  20. online reservations of AV equipment
  21. 20 high-end multifunction services including network printing, digital copying are being installed in faculty offices, libraries, offices, etc.
  22. Natural Science Dept. in 2004 purhcased seven DeskPro computers with flat top monitors.
  23. Library upgraded and added eight more computers for a total of 28 for students
  24. Library upgraded its online catalog to Sirsi, so students can also access the catalog through the internet at home


What parts of the Technology Master Plan remain to be done


  1. Develop Information Literarcy classes for students and faculty - "Desktop Training"
  2. Train faculty and students on library resources - plato and data bases
  3. Develop more podcasts and wikis in the classroom
  4. Develop e-portfolios for students
  5. Innovation - use of students and "Robotecas"
  6. Electronic Scheduling - Campus wide web-based calendar
  7. Web based update of lamission.edu
  8. Chat client for college
  9. Discussion Forums for client
  10. VPAA to participate in Committee
  11. more broad based participation in Committee
  12. DSPS technology
  13. More widespread use of "Survey Technology" - see http://monkeysurvey.com
  14. Electronic Student Surveys & analysis every year
  15. Bookstore - self-service - electronic - promote http://lamissionbookstore.com
  16. Check out other College technology
  17. Train Admissions on CCC Apply
  18. More use of CCC Confer phone conferences
  19. More use of televideo conferences
  20. Develop streaming video technology
  21. Develop video tutorial technology for use by students
  22. Attend District Technology Meetings
  23. Electronic grades for students - early alert systems
  24. Online tutoring and mentoring
  25. Redesign college webpage and functionality
  26. Attend District Technology Meetings
  27. Develop a District Wide Information Technology Advisory Committee
  28. Work with Distance Education Committee and Curriculum Committee in developing online AA/AS degrees and certificates

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